Coaching is a multi-billion dollar business, yet it lacks proper ROI measurements.

Many of the world’s leading companies, from Microsoft to Goldman Sachs, invest in leadership training. Annual spend in the United States alone is estimated at $166 billion. As much money is funneled into executive coaching, how should organizations measure the return on their coaching investment?

I have yet to see a reasonable answer, at least not a persuasive one. There’s no consensus on how ROI is measured, when it should be measured, or even whether it be measured. It’s nearly impossible to get much more than anecdotal evidence of coaching’s effectiveness. In a multi-billion dollar industry, I think we…


The past few months I’ve had clients asking about the viability of moving their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) function under Sustainability. While these are conversations, it’s a perceptible shift, significant enough to spark my curiosity.

I spoke with the heads of DEI and Corporate Sustainability to gain their perspective.

Diversity experts recognize how diversity should play a significant role in sustainability, leveraging a diverse community to problem solve, as one element. …


As an executive coach who’s always pondering the future of coaching, I’ve been thinking recently on whether organizations today are using AI for their leadership development. So I asked. Most replied with a ‘’No, and it’s never going to happen with us..’’ and a few said, ‘’Oh, absolutely- technology must play a role with leadership..’’ And one person added “ Without question, chatbots give that nudge you need to make the changes.”

I can see the benefits of a good solid nudge to start that change.

But I can tell you (with many years of stories) that behavioral change…

If someone is “being political”, everyone has an opinion or story. I recently read two articles (on Smart Brief) with opposing views, published one year apart. The first article written by James daSilva, ‘How Can Office Politics Work for You Instead of Against You’ said “We can’t avoid office politics if we want to work with people.” The second, more recent article, by Keith Danko, “A Fresh Approach to Office Politics: No Approach”, which recommended just walk away, put your head down and do not get involved.

It’s that damned word — politics — that carries all that unfortunate negativity…


Getting your bearings in a new job can be challenging, especially if you’re working from home. These tips will help successfully launch you into your new role.

Despite the challenges of career-switching during a global health crisis, you’ve landed a new job. Congratulations! Now it’s time to focus on settling in properly.

For all the ways people adjusted to remote work during the pandemic, starting a new role now can actually be harder.


It’s already mid-June, the year is half over. That’s so hard for me to believe -especially this year- and seems (for me) harder to plan for 2022 and beyond.

I hear people asking the ‘’what’s next” question, but with a twist.

Previously it was the “” and “” questions. Now I hear more of “I’m thinking of quitting.” Or, “I’ve decided I’m just not going back to the office.”

I’ve given many talks the past few months (on Zoom) for ‘Finding Career Purpose’, a timely topic. In today’s…

Seems to me everyone’s saying ‘the new normal’ a bit differently. “Work will never be the same.” “How do we get everyone back in the office?” “Covid has already increased automation and eliminated jobs.”

2021 halfway through appears to be an uneasy or unpredictable year. But in uncertain times, brightness still comes through the blinds. Every day someone asks me “How are you doing — how’s your family?”, less a passing comment than before, more heartfelt. There are often more exchanges of family issues that would have been discussed before, these new bonds seem more genuine to me. In…

A series of seemingly unrelated events can actually be tethered and quite meaningful.

I keep a tattered copy of Cannery Row on my desk, a missing cover and shabby back page. I’ve read and reread it more times than I can remember. A frog croaking instantly transports me back to Monterey Bay and the soft sweet grass of Mack’s frog pool square. I always remember this sentence: ‘’Doc would listen to any kind of nonsense and change it for you to a kind of wisdom.” ().

Do you have old books on your shelf or your…

The pursuit of “Corporate Purpose” is a topic which must be increasingly addressed today.

I did a podcast last week with Steve Stine at Inside Asia on Corporate Purpose and how it links to Inclusion. Steve correctly mentioned that the organizations that are first movers on this will be “the employer and provider of choice.” Which makes perfect sense.

“Purpose’ for corporations is not a new concept. In 1993, strategy researchers Christopher Bartlett and Sumantra Ghoshal saw leadership’s role as instilling a ‘common sense of purpose’ across a firm.

E&Y found that ‘purposeful companies’ now outperform the market by 42%…

Switching careers is always tough, and extra challenging when the world is shifting, and work from home is for many the norm.

Here’s what you can do right now to make the leap.

Changing careers (not jobs, careers) is a big step and it’s natural to have jitters. These feelings tend to be a lot more pronounced under COVID-19. Things you once took for granted — making connections, researching meaningful looking roles, even interviewing — are now done differently and at a safe distance.

In addition, many companies are in a cycle of reinvention. Job openings may be on hold or disappear altogether as companies navigate the post-pandemic economy and adjust to new requirements. …

Jane Horan

Inclusion & Purpose, helping people find meaning in their careers.

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